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Ghost of a Chance

Ghost of a Chance - Rhiannon Lassiter I liked this book - I didn't love it. Instead of Eva getting off her butt and actually trying to find out why she died, she just kinda wanders around the house and occasionally writes her name on things. The description of Kyra by Eva and Kyra's twin brother, Kyle, doesn't actually seem to fit. She's described as one of those vain girls who wears miniskirts and screams at everything - in reality, she's a strong minded girl who does well in her classes and wants to gain a better life for herself.
There are a lot of characters in this book, easily over twenty. It's difficult not to remember them all though as this book drags. Really drags. If you manage to drag yourself to page 200 (yes, really), then that's where the action really kicks off and doesn't stop for another 80 pages, dulls for another 50 then drags you through it all over again. The action was definitely worth it though.
Plot wise, can't say too much without ruining the story, all I will say is that I found it a tad predictable. When the murderer was finally revealed I was unsurprised. Also the great big plot twist you'd be expecting as soon as you pick up the book was good, but again, predictable.
One nice thing I learnt from the acknowledgements is the Rhiannon is actually Mary Hoffman's daughter.