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Queens of All the Earth

Queens of All the Earth - Hannah Sternberg After suffering a nervous breakdown, Olivia is dragged to Barcelona by her older sister, Miranda. Olivia is a character that many readers can identify with - she loves to read and prefers the world in her books to reality, the thought of growing up a terrifying prospect. Her character develops slowing and as the book progresses she starts to gain more confidence. Miranda is a character that is harder to like, sometimes I thought she was okay but mostly she really annoyed me because she was so bossy when it came to Olivia. She reminded me of those Mother's that scream at their kids constantly and don't want them anyway away from them.

There are many varied characters in this, from Lenny, a journalist with an attitude, to Mr Brown, a Priest who is visiting with his son. Miranda's descriptions of Mr Brown make him seem like a horrible person but he really isn't - after discovering that the girl wanted a private room he immediately gives his up for them and tries his hardest to become friends with everyone. Greg, his son, is quite shy and withdrawn but his character slowly blossoms throughout the book.

The descriptions of Barcelona are absolutely amazing, I honestly felt as if I was visiting there myself. I can still picture various Churches, streets and scenery even though I have never visited. I can even picture the Hotel!

Although only 169 pages long, this book did feel like it was a lot longer for me. I'm not sure why it felt like it dragged but I did enjoy it quite a lot!