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The Goddess Test (Harlequin Teen)

The Goddess Test - Aimee Carter The first thing I should gush about is the cover. It's just beautiful! I want that outfit so badly. I think she looks a little like Angelina Jolie and a lot like Megan Fox. She could do with gaining some weight though.

Okay, so Greek Myths! I did find myself using Google quite a bit and there's probably some flaws along the way but all in all, I really enjoyed comparing the characters with their Greek Mythological counterparts. <--- I'm not sure if this makes sense. Moving on...<br/>
Cerberus! Is not three headed! I think so anyway, Kate didn't look at all surprised when she first saw him so I'll assume he's one-headed. I looked this up on Wiki and yes, he can have pretty much any amount of heads, but the most common is three. I think that could have been cool.

The plot! Okay, so I wasn't surprised by the surprises along the way, having guessed them already but then again, I'm good at guessing and I still thoroughly enjoyed being right. It makes me feel special. I just spent three attempts trying to spell special. Turns out I was right the first try. Thank you Google Chrome's spell-check.

This book did remind me of Wither because Kate was cooped up in the house a lot. She doesn't mind this though, she has friends around her and she gets to visit her mother at night-time. Plus, the God of the Underworld is pretty tasty...

It's book like these where I picture doing whatever I want. I'd be fine with living there, but I'd require internet access and unlimited spending on Amazon. And an empty library, just waiting for me to fill it with every book I love... =^.^=

Reality! Snap out of it, this is meant to be a review! This is my longest review because I keep babbling. I loved this book, the characters are awesome, it has Greek myths and is probably going to be one of the big hits of 2011. You should stop reading this and go pre-order it. Or buy it, if it's out by the time you read this.