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The Lady in the Tower

The Lady in the Tower - Marie-Louise Jensen Eleanor is quite a bold character for her time, disliking sewing, being rebellious and preferring jousting to idle gossip. Her father dislikes his wilful daughter and seeks to marry her off as soon as possible - she's been lucky once, he died - but will she be able to escape the attentions of Lord Something-or-other? *Pauses and searches through the book for his name* Lord Stanton.

Anyway... I liked Stanton. He was very kind, to help a girl who hated the ground he walked on. He did nothing but good for her and tried his best to make her happy. But Eleanor believe's he is plotting against her with her Father, as she knows her Father is planning to poison her Mother, who, after four years, is still locked up in there.

I did enjoy this but it was one of those books were every twist and turn felt like I'd been there before. King Henry viii was a good addition to the story and his character was intriguing. Most of the characters were characters that I'd met before though, in other books.

The language... I'm not sure if some of the sayings were right for the book, I remember looking up one thing Eleanor said and seeing that it was first recorded almost 100 years after her time. Other than that, the writing flows well.