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Starcrossed - Josephine Angelini I enjoyed this book but there were quite a few things about it that quite annoyed me. The main, huge, gigantic niggle was that the book felt familiar. Where had a been last time I read a book just like this? Oh yeah, Twilight. Helen has no idea where her mother is and lives in the middle of nowhere with her father. Suddenly a new family moves in, one everyone's talking about and they're all super attractive. So, some of the family hate her and some are intrigued by her. Oh and she's really attractive and doesn't realise this... sound familiar?

The first 100 pages of the book I really enjoyed, it was hilarious reading about Lucas' family trying to be polite to Helen even though they wanted to tear her head off and vice versa. Unfortunately it goes downhill from there and slightly complicated. I also felt that it was dragging a lot. The Greek Mythology is a bonus, I guess but if you asked for a YA book with Greek Mythology attached, I'd recommend the rather amazing 'The Goddess Test' by Aimee Carter.