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Stay - Deb Caletti Admittedly I've always thought that Dev Caletti's books wouldn't be my thing but I'm pleasantly surprised - I adored this book and I can't wait to buy a copy (received this Galley free through the Simon and Schuster Galley Grab program). Deb Calletti has weaved a story that is emotional, thought provoking and difficult to put down.

I can relate to this book too - I had relationship a while ago and the guy started being like Christian. If I mentioned any guy he'd immediately start acting weird and asked me not to mention any guys. After a couple more days I ditched him. I believe in relationships where I can still notice other guys without feeling guilty, thank you! Christian is a fascinating character though. I want to stick him a cage and prod him with a stick.

In parts Clara's character did annoy me, she is quite shallow and leads Christian on in the first place and then does tons of other really stupid stuff that I just want to slap her for. Thankfully Cleo's Pet seagull distracted me.