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If I Stay

If I Stay - Gayle Forman In a blink is a mild way of putting it. One minute I was a reading a nice story about a family who are going to visit friends the next they're smacked by a lorry. I felt like my emotions were in a car crash.

If I Stay is one of the best books I have ever read. I've read it twice, which is rare for me. I'm really excited about the sequel, I didn't realise there would be one, so that was a pretty pleasant surprise. It's a book that has always stuck with me, that I've never forgotten. I don't suppose I ever will.

Mia is in the intensive care unit following the car crash but her soul is out of her body and following her friends and family, whist remembering everything she loves, including her promising music career. I was wondering if she'd remember this when she wakes up but I guess I'll find that out in the next book *grumble*

The romance is very sweet and not as heavy as other books, such as Twilight or Fallen. And for once I actually liked the male love interest. Adam's sorrow at not being able to see Mia while she's in the ICU is heart-breaking, his ideas on how to see her hilarious.