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Savannah Grey

Savannah Grey. Cliff McNish - Cliff McNish The story is certainly one of the most unique ones I have ever read. I put off reading this for so long after I requested it, not really knowing why. The Ocrassa was certainly the most interesting character and I read it's story eagerly, albeit slowly because the pages were black which scared Adobe. Must buy an eReader.

Savannah's character is that of a typical YA heroine, so there's a feeling of familiarity there while you try and make sense of all the oddness that is happening.

Plot twists! I guess them all! Except this one... I just wasn't expecting it. I love the plot twist though, it really adds to the story and kept me reading more and more... and I would have read more but the story ended. Rather abruptly. Which was really annoying. Wouldn't have killed Cliff to add an extra chapter or two. Heck, a one page epilogue! So that's why this story gets one star knocked off. I hate abrupt/rushed endings.