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Inevitable - Kate Bennett Kate e-mailed me and asked me to review this and I must say, I'm glad she did! Inevitable is one of my favourite reads this year.

It's hard to pin down what this book actually is. It's part chick-lit, part YA, part paranormal romance, part tear-jerker. Yeah, that sums it up. It's also beautiful. Get your tissues out ladies - you might just need them! I wouldn't recommend this to the younger YA set - 15, 16+ and there are some adult stuff in there, no full on descriptions of weird sex acts or anything. It's mentioned, not described.

It does start off with a chick lit feel - Carina is 22, living in New York and studying at University. You follow her and Jared as they fall in love and make plans for the future. Then the impossible happens and you're left with a gaping hole, wondering what could happen next - then you follow Jared and Carina as they fall in love - again - at the age of 18. Will they ever be able to finally be together? Only time will tell. And reading the book helps too...

Inevitable is written beautifully and at times I forgot where I was, I was drawn into the story so much. The storyline sounds like it should be confusing but it's so well-written that it's not. You also get to see the world from Jared's perspective at the end which, I think, it's vital to story. A definite must-read.