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Epitaph Road

Epitaph Road - David Patneaude I've been wanting this book for a while, the cover is amazing and the plot sounds pretty good too. Unfortunately I just didn't enjoy it. The book could have been so much more but instead it just kind of plods along. Nothing actually starts to happen until about half way into the story and after that I just felt disappointed. The huge secret wasn't that great, in fact it was the most predictable secret you could think of.At the end of the book I felt that there was something missing, there could have been more chapters. Maybe the Author was leaving room for a sequel? He's left plenty.

So, basic idea of this story - a kid learns some family secrets and decides to go and warn his father. Conveniently, he has two cousin's who are willing to travel all that way with him so he looks a lot less suspicious. He finds his dad and more secrets are uncovered.

There is a relationship going on between Tia and Kellen which is written quite well, however something that wasn't touched upon enough or even expanded on was that his other cousin and Tia's best friend and sister, Sunday, is also in love with Kellen. I felt that could have really helped the story.