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Freefall - Mindi Scott Although I don't usually read this genre (what it is called, contemporary?) I read a review of it somewhere and it sounded interesting, so I added it to my wishlist. Then a couple of weeks later Joli from Acting Up With Books gave it to me as an RAK. Thank you!

I didn't like Seth at first but Seth isn't a character that's made to be instantly likeable. When we meet him he's wandering around a party somewhere while his friend gets completely snowballed. I started to like him gradually more throughout the book as I learnt more about him and his life although the book felt a little slow in places.

A great thing about this book was that all the way through I could feel the ghost of Isaac shadowing everything Seth does, which was brilliantly written. He doesn't sound like a particularly pleasant character and what I did hear of hi reminded me very strongly of Daniel.

There's some romance here too - you follow Seth's thoughts and feelings as he falls in love for the first time with Rosetta which is really sweet and moving. On the other hand his friend, Kendall isn't helping his relationships as she's very full-on and as others say, slutty, but I found her strangely likeable. Like a puppy you just can't put down.