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Carrie - Stephen King As you may know, Carrie is Stephen King's first novel and his most popular. Released in 1974, over 1 million copies of it was sold in it's first year and really kicked off Stephen's career.

So, is the book better than the movie? Well, I first saw the movie and it was fascinating. I really wanted to know Carrie's thoughts and opinions about the situations she finds herself in and see how it compared to the movie. A lot of things surprised me.

Firstly, Carrie herself - you know what Carrie is supposed to look like - a slightly malnourished blonde chick that looks a bit weird. Actually, Carrie is supposed to be overweight, from what I could gather from the book. That didn't make sense to me - Carrie mother doesn't strike me as the type that would let her daughter get fat, she seems to think everything is a sin. Another thing was Carrie's prom dress, which is white in the movie - but it's supposed to be red.

Another problem I found with the book was that it was clearly supposed to be written as a short story, so to flesh it out a lot Steaphen's added supposed extracts from Newspaper Articles, Books and Papers on 'The White Case', which, I have to be honest added nothing at all to the book. There were one or two things that did however and that usually came in the form of the main character's opinions. Sue Snell was a particularly interesting character for me and I would have loved to have read the entire book from her POV. You do get her POV but you also get the POV of just about every other character too.

Apart from that, I did really enjoy the story and think it's worth the read.