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Pastworld - Ian Beck Pastworld is amazing. A steampunk world set in a dystopian future? My kind of novel! You see Pastworld from many POV's, from Eve, who's spent her whole life in Pastworld to Cabel, who is visiting with his Father. The settings are rich, full of life and easy to imagine. Indeed, I feel like I've just been running around Victorian London!

This book makes you think too. Can you imagine if London was turned back into it's Victorian ancestor? Would you want to visit - or even live there!

One particular character I loved was the Fantom. I have a sick fascination with Jack the Ripper and the Fantom is just like him - all clocked and mysterious, removing heads and hearts. No prostitutes though, this time as the Fantom's motives are different. The Fantom is the dark heart of this story and very important. Why is he so obsessed with finding Eve?

One thing that did disappoint me - Pastworld is fascinating yes, but it's in 2050 (okay, 2048 TBE) - I wanted to see what life is like outside of Pastworld! It certainly gave me the feeling of being trapped in there but I think the story really needed to move out of Pastworld and let the reader view life outside of it.