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Rumours (Luxe)

Rumours  - Anna Godbersen I did enjoy this book but found The Luxe to be more exciting and readable. This is a great read if you loved the Luxe and want to know more about the characters lives (which I did) but the pace slows down quite a lot. The main thing I felt throughout this book was frustration. I was frustrated with Lina the most, who's still pining after Will, thinking if she makes herself look more like Elizabeth she'll win him. In doing so she becomes more in love with herself throughout the book. I definitely disliked her character the most.

I was also annoyed with the ending. Really annoyed. I did not want it to end the way it did, which was quite shocking after keeping with a steady (albeit slightly boring) pace throughout.

The story starts off the same way as Luxe - with an unknown narrator, telling you of an event that will happen in future, before dragging you a few weeks back into the past, so you can read about the events that led up to the event.

For the series to pick up pace again, some pretty awesome stuff better happen in the next book, I want fairytale weddings and rainbows next time, Miss Godberson, you hear?