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The Vampire's Warden

The Vampire's Warden - S.J. Wright The Vampire's Warden has a good plot line but needs some work. Instead of building up the storyline and letting me get used to the characters, I was just sort of throw in. This works for some books but not this one. I didn't really get a feel for Sarah's character and as a consequence, I didn't care about her. Pace is also something that needs to be worked on, this book should have been thicker - it needed more descriptions or the characters, scenery, you get the idea. Some descriptions felt a little repetitive at times, especially when Sarah was describing Alex and Michael's muscles...

Sarah's sister was confusing. She entered the story and then left very quickly, for a reason that I couldn't work out. I think she should have stayed longer so we could understand her character and sympathise with her.

For a debut by a self pubbed, it's quite good and I look forward to reading more of S.J. Wright's books in the hope that her writing will improve over time.