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Divergent  - Veronica Roth Unless you've been living under a rock or you don't know me, you'll probably know about Divergent and how much I've been wanting to read it (I've been commenting on every IMM post that has it, saying how much I want it!). Was the wait worth it?

Divergent is amazing. I loved that it didn't concentrate entirely on the romance between Tris and Four, as romance in YA books has really been getting on my nerves lately. The romance that was there was really sweet and enjoyable. The story mostly concentrates on Tris's survival - there's a lot of moments in this where I'm honestly not sure if she's going to survive or not. I managed to read it in about 4 hours, which is impressive even for me considering this book is nearly 500 pages long!

I liked that it wasn't bubble wrapped either, beating characters up to the point of death frequently and killing a lot of them off too. Tris is no exception - she gets beaten up more than most, even getting a few injuries from Four. To say this book is action packed is an understatement.

I hated Peter and his crew. I was glad when Tris got her own back on a lot of them. He's also a total pervert. I wished she'd have kicked him somewhere. In fact, I'm surprised she didn't. I would have.

Lots of suspense in this, I was panicking when it came to the results to find out who stays and who goes in Tris's new faction, as I honestly wasn't sure. It never failed to surprise me, which is a major plus - I usually guess everything.

I loved the world that Veronica creates, it feels so real I almost want to live there - but I doubt I'd survive! I would probably go for the Erudite faction unfortunately. You could probably find me sitting in some dusty corner of a library. Well, not too dusty. I seem to have a bad cough lately.