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Living Dead Girl

Living Dead Girl - Elizabeth Scott As anyone who has read this will say, this book will stick with you. I have been wanting to find out what this is like and I'm not quite sure I'm glad I did. I got it over and done with so hopefully once I've finished this review I'll never have to think about it again!

Living Dead Girl is very well written and I could see how detached form the world Alice was. Alice's voice is perfect, confused and detached bUt hopeful too, the highlight of her day is when she manages to steal some food or when Ray leaves her alone. I did find Alice quite annoying at times as there was so many opportunities where she could have escaped and gone home. I understood that Ray had brain-washed her from a very young age but I still found it quite frustrating, I just wanted to get her out of there!

One of the most horrifying things about this book is what Ray makes 15 year old Alice do. Elizabeth Scott writes a little about it and leaves the rest to the imagination, which really worked at making me feel like throwing up at times.

This book is quite short but the amount of emotions Elizabeth Scott manages to pack into it is quite astounding. I was disappoined with the ending as it wasn't what I wanted, I have to admit. But that's the only fault I can find with this book. I'd definitely aim this more towards a teen audience but I think all ages can 'enjoy' it.