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Pretty Twisted

Pretty Twisted - Gina Blaxill Pretty Twisted is Gina's debut Young Adult novel and it's pretty good read too. The story is told from two people's POV's - Jono, who is obsessed with his missing girlfriend, Freya, and Ros, who is younger than Jono at 14 but in many ways she is much wiser. Finding themselves drawn to each other they try to find out where Freya has gone. There's a lot of suspenseful moments in this, which I enjoyed and I liked working out the culprit and finding out what happened to Freya.

However, this book was a little painful to read near the end because there's so many moments that are painfully obvious and very over-done. I found the ending a bit too pretty and I never understood why one if the missing girl's name was never mentioned. Despite this, I really liked the character development. Ros was very easy to relate and despite her age, which everyone never shut up about, she was much more mature than Jono, who spent most of his time whining about Freya. Normally I would find this annoying but I felt as if I could understand why Jono acted the way he did.

Freya was rather strange. She was very much a background character and yet at the same time she was central to the plot. I never did understand her character.