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Wuthering Hearts

Wuthering Hearts - Kay Woodward After reading a lot of YA, this cute fluffy book was the perfect next read for me. Although it's blatantly obvious it's aimed at younger readers, I still found it appealing and easily got lost in the story. Kay's writing fits the style of the book but it's not patronising or tries to act too young, like I've noticed with other books. There's plenty of humour and mix ups too, plus a brooding love interest to throw in to the mix. A particularly interesting thing for me was this book's setting West Yorkshire, in the UK. Why? Because I live there! This definitely helped me connect to the story easier.

Emily is your usual sort of teen girl - she lives with her father and her sister after her parents divorce and has ambitions to become an actress. She meets Robert for the first time when she's complaining about the choice of Wuthering Heights for the school play and develops a crush on him. She's desperate to become Cathy in the school play because acting's her thing but this quickly changes when she realises she wants to be Heathcliff's (Robert's) Cathy. She tries to be nice to Robert, thinking he needs cheering up but he always brushes her off or glares at her. Will she ever be able to be at least friends with him?

Shuffle along Jacqueline Wilson, this author knows what teens actually do these days. I thought the mentions of Facebook and Edward Cullen were quite fun and I think teens can easily relate to that. This book is perfect for teen girls and the young at heart, where you can follow Emily as she deals with her first crush and discovering love for the first time. Emily has a tendency to say the wrong thing at the wrong time and it was a little nerve wracking wondering if she would get with Robert, who kept getting more annoyed with her everytime she did something a little silly.