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Tower of Parlen Min

Tower of Parlen Min (The Narrow Escapes of Ves Asirin, #1) - Matt Xell Where to start with this particular book? Well, it's very, very long. It's taken me over a week to plug through it, usually it only takes me a day. I think my overall reaction is 'too much'. There's just a little bit too much of everything and it kinda spoiled my enjoyment of the story. The Sword Challenge is only a small part of many different things going on at once, I really enjoyed reading about that but then there was murders going on somewhere in the village and wolves attacking and family secrets and Ves's amnesia and first love...

In short, my brain is hurting. As I said, I really enjoyed the Sword Challenge and if it was me, I'd scrap all the extras and just focus on that and first love, just have one book. It would be shorter but not too short, certain things that annoyed me wouldn't happen and the book would get a nice simple 5* review and a physical copy purchase.

Stuff I did like without complaining: Ves's relationship with Vikey and Tammi was very cleverly written and it as fun watching Ves muddle his way through everything at the same time as dealing with his memory loss in a strange place. I would have liked to have seen more of the Tower and the Pirate Ship bits sounded awesome!

I'd highly recommend this to Harry Potter fans who can take in a lot of information at once.