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Dark Inside

Dark Inside - Jeyn Roberts I was pleasantly surprised by this book. I was hoping for something good and boy, it really delivers. At first I wasn't sure if four POV's would work and I figured it would be quite confusing, but I kept up with each storyline easily and I loved how it all came together in the end.

Although there are a few unexplained things in this, such as why an Earthquake caused so many people to go crazy or why there are certain levels of craziness - some were complete zombies, others were calculating killers and some seemed completely fine, like our four protagonists - I found that I didn't really care. I was too caught up in the action and suspense, which is pretty much a constant. Right from the beginning the four are thrown into very different situations. Mason has just learnt of his Mother's death and is waiting in hospital, Aries is on a bus when it crashes due to the Earthquake and she first meets Daniel there, a mysterious stranger who seems to be hiding his own secrets. Clementine is in a Village Hall with most of her town when her Mother tells her to escape when a couple of men with guns turn up - upon leaving, the screams start. And Michael is on a Motorway with his friend when a an argue between two motorists starts a bizarre sequence of events.

Of all the characters, I think I like Clementine the best. Aries is smart but she her stupid moments around Daniel, who she seems to think she owes or something. Micheal is likeable but makes some pretty silly decisions when he's supposed to be looking after someone, and Mason doesn't ask enough questions! Clementine however is the smartest. She keeps herself in the shadows and makes it the furthest on her own, narrowly escaping the baggers a few times. She teams up with another one of the four later on, at a time when they most needed her.

I really hated Colin. He's a complete coward and I would have kicked him out of the group pretty quickly! He doesn't expect to have to get food or keep watch or anything and he's always making excuses. He's definitely one of my most hated characters in a book!