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Eve - Anna Carey If I had to describe Eve in one word, I'd probably choose 'Watery'. The idea is very good, a great idea for a Dystopian but it never really delivers. It definitely has it's good points but I found quite a few things I didn't like about it.

Eve is a pretty weak character and I never really 'got' her. I didn't understand why she disobeyed the rules of her school, considering she's a model student, has lived there a very long time and knows of no reason why she shouldn't trust them. She's been brought up to believe that boys are basically savages, only after one thing but of course, almost as soon as she meets Caleb she's all, 'Ooh, my face is near his chest!' Honestly, this chick has a chest fetish.

The other characters are stronger, with a lot more substance which is why I continued reading. Arden should have been the main character, as she has a much stronger voice and she's a lot tougher emotionally. Plus, she has the mentality of a tough Dystopian chick. I actually got to know her character, that she likes playing pranks on people and she's easily annoyed.

Caleb was mostly cardboard hottie but with a few redeeming qualities, mostly his past. Won't say too much (Spoilers) but his past is definitely intriguing.

The story is almost as weak as our main character. The idea is that most of America has been wiped out after a Plague (no specific details about that) and now wherever Eve is living is ruled by an Evil King. Who uses the school girls to breed lots of babies that will become citizens (or slaves) of his Empire. Eve is caught up in it all and chooses to escape. Her and Anden end up living in a sort of underground bunker for a while with a gang of kids I could only describe as the Lost Boys. Guess who's Wendy. Eve and Arden plan to make their way to a safe haven and encounter friends and foe along the way.

The story didn't really leave me wanting to read more and I only chose to read it because it's a Dystopian! I don't think I'd recommend it to anyone but if you have it, well, it's a quick read.