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Hate List

Hate List - Jennifer Brown Valerie is coping with life after the aftermath of a shooting at her school - by her boyfriend, Nick. Now she believes (not completely incorrectly) that everyone blames her for it, despite stopping the shooting and gaining a bullet to her leg in the process. Going back to the past to show us what happened and switching to the future to show us the aftermath, this book kept me reading until the very last page.

Although Valerie was the main character, her boyfriend Nick was the most memorable for me. He seemed to have a presence during every chapter of the book, regardless of whether or not he was in that chapter or not! Valerie is a character I won't forget easily, I felt torn in two reading her story, agreeing with Valerie's opinions of herself and her parent's opinions at the same time. I wish I could have known her brother better, as he seemed pretty awesome and I was curious to see how having a sister that's accused of being an accomplice to a murderer effected him. I really hated Valerie's dad. I wanted to understand him but the stuff he said/did just made me hate more and more.

I got everything I expected from this book - and more. For such a thick book, it was a surprisingly quick read - probably because I enjoyed it so much! I loved watching (reading?) Valerie slowly come out of her shell throughout the book, making new friends and discovering herself again. I thought that the last chapter was just beautiful, and a very fitting ending to Valerie's story.