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Deadly Little Secret (A Touch Novel)

Deadly Little Secret  - Laurie Faria Stolarz I decided to read this quite suddenly and I'm really glad that I did. It's quite a quick read, only took me about two hours and I read all of it in one sitting. I hadn't read the blurb before hand so I had idea what to expect from it but I was pleasantly surprised with a unique storyline and engaging characters.

The story is really suspenseful. I love whodunnits, so this instantly appealed as soon as I realised what was going on. I did guess 'who did it' very easily but I love being right so this was problem for me! The gifts and phone calls were a little stereotypical but I loved that we could get into the killer's head, with a few scrawled notes from them scattered throughout the book. This has a nice mix of paranormal, suspense and contemporary – somehow managing to have an equal balance all the way through, with the anticipated cheesy chase scene at the end, which was a little shorter than I expected. Trust is the main theme in this, as she's getting all sorts of creepy letters – and coincidentally a new boy has arrived in town, one she's in love with - problem is that there's rumours he killed his previous girlfriend by throwing her off a cliff. I did think Ben should have understood why she found it difficult to trust him, considering I doubted she could have gone to the Police as they would have locked Ben up straight away, regardless of evidence.

The reason why I've taken a star off was because I felt that the Author was trying too hard to appeal to Twilight fans. Right at the first chapter, Ben pushes Camelia away from a speeding car and then later becomes her lab partner. All the way he does a Cullen too. 'You can't go near me... I'm dangerous.' 'But I love you!' I didn't notice this too much during the story and only realised about the dangerous thing as I'm writing this review, however.

I'm not sure about the sequels. Book 5 is about to be released soon and personally, I would prefer this as a stand-alone. From reading the blurb of book 2, it doesn't sound particularly appealing as the plot is ripped straight from New Moon (I'm not kidding, go read it!). I will try it though, just to see.