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Ramshackle - Elizabeth Reeder Ramshackle is interesting contemporary book, certainly not filled with cotton candy and rainbows and it really makes you think too. Mostly about sex. More on that later. The characters in this were all really interesting and when it came to the secondary characters, I wanted to walk home with them and find out their life story too. I particularly liked the coffee guy that I can't research the name of because my iPod has eaten it's battery power.

Roe is kinda weird though. In most ways she's a typical 15 year old teen, has sex for the first time (no detail or anything, don't panic), worries about her best friend, brushes her teeth (I hope). But then she thinks and does some really strange things which makes me wonder just what her dad has been teaching her all her life. She's always thinking about people's bodyparts, and sex - what they might get up to at home, in really odd detail, like her teachers and her aunt, of all people. I'm not sure about your mental stability but I've never thought about my aunt bumping rudies. When she's not doing that she's thinking about the time she wiped snot on the table.

Roe's Dad is the main subject here, mainly that he's GONE and no-one knows where he is. So begins a rather interesting search of self discovery. Or something fancy sounding like that. Roe learns who she is, and who her Father really is, with a lot of uncomfortable home truths. We see her exercising her new found freedom too - stealing a car and going to parties, wandeirng around Chicago at one point. When we do finally find out what happened to her Dad I was relieved - it was quite close to the end and I was quite worried I'd never found out and end up eating my iPod in despair or something.