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Legend  - Marie Lu I've put off reading this book for quite a while now but I saw it for £3.50 and decided to grab a copy and see what it was like for myself! I can now say that this book is all kinds of awesome and I'm whacking myself round the head with it for waiting so long to read it!

I loved that it switched from Day's point of view to June's almost seamlessly, yet they both had such unique voices I never got confused as to who was who. Sure, the bold text of Day's chapters helped but I strongly believe that I didn't need them! I really liked June's brother, Metias and I was pretty sad when I learnt that he was awesome, as I knew from reading the description that he was going to die. We do get a hear a little more from him later on in the book but it wasn't the same as him being around.

The plot was a little predictable at times and I had no trouble guessing the twist in the tale unfortunately. Thankfully this never harmed my enjoyment of the story as the world that Marie created was so rich and full of life! Thanks to having the point of view of a street kid and a government prodigy, we get to see people from boths sides of life, which doesn't happen often enough in today's Dystopia.

I was a little confused about the romance aspect though. I could completely see why Day was attracted to June, as mentally she was like him plus being beautiful and mysterious probably helped a good deal. But I couldn't work out why June was attracted to Day, a guy that had killed her brother. It just didn't work in my mind.

The ending! I'm literally on the edge of my seat waiting for the next book - and not just because my mattress keeps moving away from the wall, guys. I can't believe I've got to wait eight months before it's released, my finger nails will be non-existent by then! *runs around flailing her arms*