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Fever (Chemical Garden)

Fever - Lauren DeStefano I thought Wither was one of the most beautiful books I'd ever read. Fever is so much better. I don't understand how Lauren Destefano managed to do it but the title was so fitting throughout the book - the writing somehow made me feel like I was locked in a fever, seeing the world through Rhine's eyes and everything I tried to imagine seemed out of focus and dizzy. I felt like this throughout most of the book, with only brief chapters becoming clear when Rhine felt normal too, and that didn't last for very long.

We start our journey at a circus of a sort, although a glorified brothel would be a closer term for it. I found this a little frustrating at first - a couple of minutes of freedom only to be trapped again? But we were at the brothel for a reason - to meet Lilac and her 'malformed' daughter, Maddie. Maddie is a great addition to the story and brings a lot of laughter, despite not saying a word. Rhine, our central character is the same as in Wither and I didn't felt that I learnt anything new about her this time, which didn't bother me. Gabriel didn't really feel 'there' to me, despite having many more scenes, but I didn't really care too much about that either. Rhine's brother was the one that intrigued me. As she's thinking of him and their past, you get a better picture of who he is and I'm not sure I like him very much!

Overall, I didn't feel that Fever suffered from Second Book Syndrome and I loved the story as a whole, I think it moved it onto the third book really well. So well in fact, the first thing I did when I'd finished it was tweet to Lauren and beg her to let me read the third book. Well, it can't hurt to try...

2014: I did leave a glowing review of this book which is strange to me because when I look back at it I do feel a sense of disappointment. Perhaps because I loved Wither so much I didn't want to dislike this book at all?