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Night Marchers (Night Marchers, #1)

Night Marchers (Night Marchers, #1) - Rebecca Gober,  Courtney Nuckels Emma is a (very) simple Texas girl, forced to move to Hawaii for her dad's new job. Don't get me wrong, I love the girl but boy is she daft at times. And sometimes irritating too. For instance, Tristan asks her about music and she immediately says, 'Oh, I love Country Music!' I was like, yeah, that's my girl! Until she listed Taylor Swift, The Band Perry and Zack Brown Band as her favourites. To me, that's not country, it's pop. Strange girl.

The plot in this is one of the oddest I've ever read, which is good because I'll have a better chance of remembering it! From Little People to Night Marchers, it gets weirder as the story goes along. The Night Marchers themselves reminded me VERY strongly of The Zars from William Nicholson's The Wind Singer. In fact, they were almost the same.

One thing I didn't like was the spelling. Every so often waist would become waste, lose would become loose, lie would become lye and so on. I'd strongly advise the Authors to seek an editor (some bloggers may do it for free) and get the grammar and spelling cleared up, as it would really help the book...

As for love interests, I liked Tristan but found Kai much more interesting, as his past was.. murky at best! My favourite part of the story was actually the historical text messaging a.k.a Paul, the runner. The messaging between Adam and his wife was pretty hilarious!

This book ends on a cliffhanger so good, I'm off to go buy the sequel and read it as soon as I can!