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Redemption (Night Marchers, #2)

Redemption (Night Marchers, #2) - Rebecca Gober,  Courtney Nuckels I was really disappointed by the cover of this. The cover of Night Marchers is beautiful and this would be too if they hadn't unnessarily stretched it out. It looks really unproffesional. That aside, the book is pretty damn good.

We start a day or too where we left off, with Emma being driven at breakneck speed down the road by her worried father, who promptly drops her off at the airport and sends her to Kaylee, Emma's best friend. Naturally Emma concocts a plan to secretly come back almost immediately after arriving and camps out in the jungle with Kaylee and Tristan.

I started to notice more things when I read this. I think some parts are written by Rebba Gober and other parts written by Courtney Nuckels (well, they are co-authors). The problem I have with this is that I believe (don't take this as fact) that one of them can well pretty damn well. That would be Courtney, from what I've seen of a short story of hers. However, the other Author... needs to brush up on her grammar some. I've seen everything from waist becoming waste to 'night and shining armor' in these books – but the spelling is just fine in other places.

The story is a bit shorter than the first book and I got through it in about 2 hours. Everything was wrapped up neatly with a pretty bow but I did feel as if there was something missing that I can't pinpoint. It was nice to meet Kao properly though and his character added a lot to the story.