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Have Book - Will Travel

Have Book, Will Travel - Kfir Luzzatto Original posted @ ComaCalm's Corner

Have Book, Will Travel is a fantastically fun read and it reminded me strongly of the many Enid Blyton stories I devoured as a kid. If you were a fan of hers too, I highly recommend this book, just for the nostalgia! The story is full of twists and turns due to a magical book that can take you absolutely anywhere that's written on it's pages, so you truly have no idea what is going to happen in the story next, which really kept me reading!

I felt that the story started off a little slow but as soon as it starts heading towards the adventure, it really made up for it. Max and Darla meet one day after Max, a typical curious boy, is curious about a room filled with boxes and boxes of stuff. He stops by often and one day, bumps into Darla, who lives and works in the town below his Uncle's castle. She's spending her break reading a mysterious book - but is having trouble, due to a poorer education than Max's. Max happily agrees to read the book to her and they soon become firm friends.

There's all sorts of adventures to look forward to in this story - Max and Darla meet strange people, strange lands and even stranger customs! There's magic and mischeif galore yes - a lot of fun too. I really liked the ending, as it finished off the story well but left enough clues to give me a picture of what might happen in Darla and Max's future. All in all, a great read for all ages.