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Glimmer - Phoebe Kitanidis I have to admit, my expectations of this where a little different to the actual story. I was expecting big Goverment plots and lots of action but the story was much simpler than that and later on, turned into a story of childhood abuse, weirdly enough. I think the beginning was definitely more interesting as I had no idea what was going on but as soon as we got a couple of clues I knew exacly what was going to happen in the story and wasn't surprised at all.

The story switches from Marshall's point of view to Elyse's, which was a problem for me as I kept forgetting who was talking! There's nothing particularly different about the two voices, apart from certain events, so I'd be half way through what I assumed was Elyse's chapter only to find it was Marshall's, which was confusing, to say in the least.

The storyline is certainly unique though. I've beeen watching a lot of TV programs and movies and reading books about weird little American towns lately and I don't think I've come across one as weird as this. I did find certain scenes confusing though, such as Elyse being in one places then suddenly another, a little later on and I found the the town wasn't described as well as I'd like. I have a good image of a couple of bits and pieces of the town but not enough to put a full map together, unfortunately.