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I'll pause for a moment whilst you get a real good look at that cover. It's beautiful, no? It looks amazing on my Kindle app, with the black background! Definitely one of my favourites of the year and proof that a cover doesn't need to be elaborate to be unique and eye catching!

The story is easily as rich as the cover, packed the brim with action, suspense and characters. Quite a lot of characters in fact. I found the story a little slow going at first but once it got going it was really fun. Sera and Luke's story was fascinating and it was interesting to be reading knowing most of the secrets before they did.The story rollercoasters all over the place and there is a lot of stories to keep up with, something I didn't have a problem with for once. *blows party whistle thing* I usually have trouble keeping up with two narratives but in this book, nearly every character gets a say - Sera, Luke, Jonas, Fey, Marc and a couple of others (I think). Some readers may have difficulty keeping up with this many voices!

I did however find Marc's character quite annoying and I never really liked him. He was pretty cool at first 'I'm tortured, love me.' and I was like, 'Okay!' but he did STUPID THINGS and now I don't like him anymore. Jonas is a string favourite, he has the whole dark broody thing going on. Plus it's nice to picture him being played by Ian Somerhalder. Quinn, I remember him turning up a couple of times and I still have no freaking clue who he is or where he works or where he met Luke and Sera.

I think one of my favourites had to be Lillith. She really was like a spoilt child in many ways and I found her really cute to be honest! I wanted to take her home and keep her as a pet. She's one of many weird things and so far we've covered Super Powers, The Fae, Vampires and Garden Gnomes. Or probably just Gnomes. But Garden Gnomes sound COOL. There's secret things revealed at the end and I really want to know what's going to happen next! There is a Next Book right?