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Troubadour - Mary Hoffman This is one of the most incredibly boring stories I have ever read. Essentially it’s a history lesson with a very clichéd plot that is barely mentioned due to every other paragraph just going on about the war. I love history but I nearly fell asleep, ended up skim reading the last 100 pages (didn’t miss anything important, story ended exactly how I expected).

Elinor is a very spoilt character, naturally I can understand why a 13 year old girl wouldn't want to marry a guy in his forties but the way she tries (unsuccessfully) to commit suicide was rather hilarious. It was the custom then for a man (a noble one at least) not to marry until his thirties and usually he married someone half his age.

The role of a Joglar, or a Joglaresa was one of the most interesting parts of the book but unfortunately even this failed to entertain me.