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Dread of Night: Volume One

Dread of Night: Volume One - Joshua D. Boeringa,  Robert Forest I'm not sure if the stories in this book are actually scary... I haven't found many (one!) stories that do scare me. I did however, get a good giggle out of these cute little stories, especially on page 11, with the illustration of a guy that looks like a cross between George Bush and Colonel Sanders. No joke.

These stories are perfect for dipping in out of, ranging from common fears (people coming back from the dead) to the downright bizarre (being eaten by a sea monster in a lake). There also seems to be a surprising amount of tentacles in here. And a few poems. I loved the poems!

Quite easily, the best story was 'Turning the Soil', which reminded me of Roald Dahl's short stories with a twist in tale. The scariest illustration goes to page 98, of the Thin Man in the story 'Teddy'. I'll have nightmares about him.