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The Hidden Child

Hidden Child - Anne Cassidy An interesting book, Hidden Child explores domestic abuse, kidnapping, first love and growing up. Lou and her mother Anna are constantly moving. They finally settle for a while near a hostel for abuse women, where Anna has a job. Lou meets Charlie there and quickly becomes interested in him. In between all of this, Lou starts to suspect that her Anna lied to her and that she might not be her real mother...

I found this quite an interesting story but predictable and a couple of things didn't really make sense.Unfortunately one of them I can't mention with spoiling the book. The other was Anna - she has a habit of stealing things and at the beginning of the book this was made a huge deal but after a while it just completely disappeared.

Lou seems a smart girl and I was surprised when she started being interested in Charlie. She was warned by Arthur that Charlie was a bit of a Ladies Man but somehow chose to ignore that. The women's hostel concept was more interesting and I would have liked to have heard more about that.

All in all, a short read that is perfectly enjoyable when you're bored!