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Heart of the Huntress (Camille, #2)

Heart of the Huntress (Camille, #2) - Tess Oliver Just before I started blogging about books, I stumbled upon a book called Camille. I hadn't read a book by a Self Published Author before but I loved the idea of it and started reading it anyway. From the first page it had me completely hooked, and I left a rather rubbish 5 star review (well, I was new to the blogging world!). Turns out, shortly after my happy babbly review, Camille became more popular in the blogging world but even after a year, there was no sequel to be seen! But I can happily say that now, there is one and it is definitely worth the wait.

Heart of the Huntress picks up a few months after Camille left off. I'm happy to say that a new character joins the team - Camille's sister, Emily. I loved Emily's character through this as I felt like I could relate to her more, particularly her sarcastic streak! She definitely is the star of the show in my eyes and I'm glad Tess brought her out of Bethlem. Of course, Camille, Dr Bennett and our older Artful Dodger, Nathaniel are back too. Having been at sea for a while, Nathaniel's naturally gained some muscle but he's still the Nathaniel we all know and love. Camille herself is up to her usual tricks, dressing as a boy to go out and buy food for her family and worrying constantly, whilst Emily is busy painting and Dr Bennett is... writing about Lycanthropy or something.

This time the scooby gang are off to investigate some strange werewolfy goings on over in Transylvania, asked over by three rather odd seeming Taksony Brothers. Camille and Emily happily prepare for the trip, not knowing what lies ahead – lies, storms, lashings, seperation - and a little bit of seasickness!

The second half of the book seemed to be a slightly slower pace but much more enjoyable. I enjoyed the introduction of two new characters and learning the Taksony Brother's secrets! The ending was very quick paced yet still managed to squeeze some humour in somehow and as usual, the ending left me wanting more! So I think Tess will be pestered for a third book... perhaps having Emily's point of view this time?